Whatsapp Stickers:-How To Get More Stickers Emoticon For WhatsApp 2016

whatsapp stickers:-WhatsApp is a great messaging app and it has became the primary medium to send and receive message. The client software is available for Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone OS, BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS. WhatsApp have a lots of emoticon for the representation of any expression and that makes chat with anyone more fun and enjoyable. Current version of WhatsApp have around 500 emoticon which mostly contains the small stickers But we always want more. Messaging apps like Line and WeChat have created a lot of sticker for its user. But  this article i’m gonna share you how to get unlimited funny and emotional whatsapp stickers.

whatspp stickers emotionwhatsapp stickers fun

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How to Use unlimited whatsapp stickers:-

1.Understand how stickers work in WhatsApp. WhatsApp does not actually support stickers. Instead, you’ll be attaching images to your WhatsApp messages. There are several apps that contain collections of images that look like traditional stickers. You can add these to your messages so that the recipient sees them.

  • Unfortunately, because WhatsApp doesn’t actually have stickers, you can’t use animated Stickers in WhatsApp. You can, however, send short video clips

2.Search for a sticker app. When browsing through sticker apps, make sure that you don’t install any apps that require too many permissions. Read reviews to see if the app works for other WhatsApp users. Many sticker apps only have a small selection of free stickers. Some of the most popular apps include:

  • Emojidom (Android)
  • Smileys and Memes for Chat (Android)
  • Stickers Free (iOS)
  • ChatStickerz – Funny Emoji Stickers (iOS)

3.Open the sticker app to find a sticker. Most sticker apps have multiple categories of sticker. Many apps have a free selection of stickers along with a selection of stickers that requires payment. Find the perfect sticker for your message.

Click send through whatsapp

Here I’m gonna explain you two such whatsapp sticker apps to have fun

Download Free Funny and Emotional Whatsapp Stickers:-

Here i’m gonna show two methods to send unlimited whatsapp stickers to your friends

1.How do I send Hike Stickers on whatsapp:-

You can share hike stickers to most apps whatsapp and facebook included.Hike has got Stickey for social media apps including WhatsApp. It is too good and I have used it. Hike have a really large number of collection and emotions of every kind. You must have the latest version of hike. To fit the latest version of hike.

Note: You should have latest version of Hike.

whatsapp stickers

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Hike has started a service ‘Hike Stickey’, using which you can share hike stickers to Whatsapp or Messenger. For activating Hike Stickey, go to Hike settings and turn on the Hike Stickey option and then you are done.

whatsapp stickerswhatsapp stickers
2.Download stickers whatsapp emotion app:-

Its an easy way to Download and install stickers whatsapp emotion app

whatsapp stickerswhatsapp stickers

1.install  stickers whatsapp emotion app

2.select your favorite emoticon

3.tap on whatspp option and send it

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We always happy to guide you please let us know if you have any difficulties while installing.


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