How to Set Whatsapp Full DP/Profile Using No Crop for whatsapp-Updated whatsapp Trick 2016

whatsapp dp without cropping: Today, we gonna show you how can we set Whatsapp profile picture / Dp without Cropping it in your Android Phone using No crop for whatsapp. Most of the people wanna set their Whatsapp profile dp without cropping, but It crops the pic & some important part of the picture miss out. So This is big disdvantage in whatsapp. Now what you can do? Should you set Pictures After crop them, & miss out Some important part of picture? No, In this Article,  am gonna show you full guide about how to set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping.

Quick steps to set Your whatsapp Dp/Profile Without cropping:-

Set whatsApp full size Profile picture without cropping. WhatsApp, the best messenger, where people can message, group chat, and share their status, photos and videos with each other. Once WhatsApp installed in your phone, you need to associate one profile, which links to your phone number, your Profile Name, Profile Picture and status. But WhatsApp restricted their user to upload picture with Square sized photo, or either you need to crop it down as square. So you wont be able to upload full size picture in WhatsAppas profile picture, without applying any trick

Here i’m gonna share one simple trick to see your whatspp DP/profile With out cropping

How to Use No Crop for whatsapp to Set whatsapp full Profile DP :-

1.) Create a square size photo of the desire picture, which you want to make profile picture of WhatsApp. Don’t worry, following two App can convert your picture as square sized.
a.) No Crop: Not only it will post full size photos, but also enables you toedit, rotate, resize, add templates, add fonts, and apply filters to it. It is rated 4.5 stars in Android play store. Once you are done with editing your photo, save the picture.

No crop for whatsapp


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b.) #SquareDroid — Full Size Photo : With same rating as No Crop for whatsapp, this app also enables you to upload a full size profile picture on whatsapp. Square droid gives less editing functionality but with more friendly User Interface(UI) design compare to No Crop App.

Get the SquareDroid app from From here

NO crop app fro whatsapp1

I’ll share you step by step to step to set up profile pic or whatsapp DP with quick quide..just Folloe below pictorial steps.

At First, Install #SquareDroid — Full Size Photo app from here –

After Successfully install, Now open the app, & you will see a Full menu in it. about “Pick a Photo” “Take a Photo” “Settings” etc. Then Choose “Pick a Photo” option from here & It will show full menu, now select picture which you wanna set as profile picture without decreasing it’s size.

No crop for whatsapp

No crop for whatsapp


Save Picture with maximum quality

No crop for whatsapp

5.done. now open whatsapp settings->profile->edit choose the saved picture from the #squaredrodyou are done thats it.

No crop for whatsapp

Hope you enjoyed the article on No crop for whatsapp…Now a days  Setting Profile Picture in your Whatsapp irritates because it crops picture & part of picture miss from Profile pic. So for overcome this problem, we have found a solution for it. & Follow above guide for Set full size whatsapp profile picture. I hope you liked this article, keep visit here for more Stuffs like this. Thanks for Visiting. whatsapp profile pic without cropping.

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