How to Download and Install WhatsApp on iPad,iPhone, iPod Touch(without jailbreaking).

How to install whatsapp for ipad/iphone : Whatsapp is the ultimate messaging app of the current tech era. We don’t see it expires very soon. And the best part is now we are able to use it on Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. In this post I’m gonna share you How to download whatsapp for iPad, iPhone and finally whatsapp for iPod Touchwhatsapp for ipad

Just be patient and spend 10 minutes trust me you gonna get whatsapp for ipad.For your simple understanding I have divided entire procedure into  5 major steps to setup the whatsapp for ipad/iphone or iPod touch.

  1. Get the .ipa file on mac or Pc first and then connect your ipad to mac.
  2. Install iFunbox in your ipad 
  3. In iFunbox open .ipa file and then disconnect it from mac.
  4. Connect iphone to mac and install whatsapp normally.
  5. Plug out iphone and connect your ipad

Above steps are short but not cover entire explanation read step by step  for full description.

How to install WhatsApp for iPad Download WhatsApp on your Mac (or PC)

Before get started all we need is the install file of the app, but we won’t directly get the file and  allowed to install it on the iPad.Instead, we’ll do things the old-fashioned way, and install it on our Mac (although this would also work on a PC).I’m gonna show you a step by step method to get the whatsapp for ipad all you got to do is just stick to the steps.

Go to iTunes, then to the iTunes Store, and type WhatsApp into the search field. You’ll see WhatsApp Messenger in the iPhone apps list, but not under iPad. Don’t worry. Click to download the iPhone version (where it says Free), and enter your password. It will not  take longtime to download.

How to install WhatsApp for iPad: Get the .ipa file

We’re going to go off the beaten path a bit now, because we need the installation file itself, which uses the .ipa file format. Open Finder, and go to your music folder – where this is located will depend on which OS you’re using. You may be able to simply click Go in the top menu bar, then Home. In my case I go to the folder whose name is a variant on my own – priced – and music is a folder off that.

Then click iTunes, and either iTunes Media followed by Mobile Applications or just Mobile Applications (depending on your OS). You’ll see all the .ipa files that you’ve downloaded. Scroll down to the WhatsApp file and drag it on to your desktop.

Here is the path for   Mac users, open Finder and go to Home > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications > WhatsApp.ipa
for windows users ,On Windows, go to C > Users > Username My Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications > WhatsApp.ipad.

Step 2 : Download and Start iFUNBOX :

Connect your iPad (or iPod touch) to your Mac (or PC).We need a program other than iTunes to manage the files on our iPad. The one we’re using in this tutorial – iFunbox – is available from and is free.Download the latest version of iFunbox for your platform of choice, and start it up.

Step 3 : Steps to be followed in iFunbox:-

  • open iFunBox and click on Install App.
  • Here you’d see the WhatsApp.ipa file. Open it.
  • This will install the app on your iPad or the iPod touch.

Now you can see the whatsapp icon on your ipad but if you open it will how you it’s not working but we gonna fix it in the third step.

Step 4 : Install WhatsApp on your iPhone:-

For this bit you need an iPhone. Install WhatsApp on this iPhone in the normal way (it needs to be a fresh install – you may need to delete it and reinstall if you had WhatsApp already), start it up, and then register a phone number – the one you wish to use with WhatsApp on your iPad. You’ll have to confirm this using a code sent to the number you give.

Step 4 : Steps to be followed on iphone:-quick steps

whatsapp for ipad

  • uninstall WhatsApp, if already installed. If not simple download and install it.
  • Follow the regular process of entering your mobile digits and verifying with the text message code.
  • If you are done ,connect your iphone to either mac or PC.

Click in User Applications under the entry for the iPhone, double-click on the icon for WhatsApp, and then copy the Library and Documents folders in there on to your desktop. This will contain the registration data.

Go to User Applications > WhatsApp > and copy Library and Documents files to the desktop.

Step 5 : Finally we are at the final Destination

We’re nearly there. Unplug the iPhone, plug the iPad back in, and in iFunbox, click on User Applications under the iPad’s entry, and then WhatsApp – as before. We will now replace the Library and Documents folders in here with the ones on the desktop, thereby copying the iPhone’s registration data on to the iPad.

  • Plug the iPhone out, and plug in your iPad or iPod back in.
  • Again, go to User Applications > WhatsApp > delete Document and Library folders and copy the two files from desktop
  • That’s pretty much it. A few people have found difficulties at this point but you should be perfect  if you’ve carefully followed the steps . You may need to close WhatsApp on your iPad and start it up again to stop it saying that the device isn’t supported or working.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you are facing any difficulties please let me know I would love to you help you out.

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