Top 4 Best Android Emulator for PC-Windows 10/8/7 xp,Mac PC/Laptop

Hello Guys,Every Time When i explain my readers on how get any android  app on their PC.they are expressing little confusion in choosing Best Android Emulator for PC. So I would like take some time here to give you a quick overview on the best android emulator for pc. There are lot of android emulators in the market But I brought you the top Top 4 Best Android Emulator for PC-Windows 10/8/7 xp,Mac.After a little research I came up with these 4 best emulator for pc. It’s up to you which emulator you will use ultimate goal is to enjoy android apps on PC.

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Download Free Top 4 Best Android Emulator for PC-Windows 10/8/7 xp,Mac :-

Having said that i’l always try to bring the best to my readers.So don’t be an  hurry in choosing android emulator as it is the major performance facrtor for your android apps for PC.And coming to the cost there Premium and free emulators based on your conviniece you can choose any one of the 4 best Android Emulator for PC.

So, Here are the Top 4 Best Android Emulators For PC:-

  1. AMIDuOS
  2. Andy
  3. Bluestacks

  4. droid4x

Any one of the above emulators works fine you can use any one the 4 mentioned above I’l give you quick details about each one of the enulator for pc based on my experience.

Here we Go.

1)AMIDuOS:- Obviously AMIDuOS takes the  first on our list though it’s a new  Android emulator for PC it grabbed the major market share. This one comes in two flavors: Lollipop and Jelly Bean. Apart from the version type, the only o difference between the two is  costJelly Bean costs $10 while Lollipop costs $15 and they are one time payment for life time usage. For the first thirty days it’s for free after that it will charge you as mentioned above AMIDuOS runs very well.

best android emulator for pc

It’s a smooth emulator that does things like productivity and gaming quite smoothly. though it’s little bit costly Most users should be able to use this for pretty much whatever they need it for and the install process isn’t bad at all.

2) Andy :-Most of us don’t like to pay right? do we? Why should we pay for anything when we are getting something for free with equal quality and features.Having all the Features like AMIDuOS our next Best emulator for PC   is an entirely free emulator called Andy.

best android emulator for pc

when it first came out it did have some issues back with out having any delay it fixes all issues and  it  managed to prove itself as a capable replacement for many emulators.  It has fixed pretty much all of its early day issues but it is still a little bit more involved of an installation than something like Bluestacks. In any case, it is free and it does work very well.

3)Bluestacks:- This is my favorite one as i’m currently using it on my PC.I run almost all apps with this emulator it works fine. I haven’t faced any issues so far i strongly recommend to use Bluestacks app player in your PC and it’s free one but it will ask you to install some apps frequently to continue it’s services.  Bluestacks app player will download sponsored apps onto your machine that you can usually uninstall .

best android emulator for pc

The most important thing that i liked in this emulator is it’s user interface it’s easy to understand and proceed.

Here is how you can get Whatsapp for pc,Imo for pc,Line for PC with bluestacks android emulators.

4)droid4x:-Our next emulator is called droid4x and it’s an interesting choice for an Android emulator on PC. It runs in a similar fashion as Andy or AMIDuOS .Droid4x is the best Android simulator ever, which leads in aspects of performance, user experience, compatibility and gaming controllability. Making millions of mobile games and apps as desktop experience.

best android emulator for pc

Anyway Everybody will have their own perception about everything but to be frank the above given reviews are collective opinions of many users who have used them for a long time.Please let us know which android emulator gave you most user friendly experience.Feel free to tell your opinion on above article



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